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The World North American Tournament

The World Poker Tour North American tournament will be held at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls this year, in fitting with the fact that it was a Canadian that won the tournament last year. Will they be able to defend the Canadian poker tour title? Or, will it be someone from another country taking the crown this time around?

If you want to try your hand, and maybe even have a shot at the title yourself, it is possible – over at you can sign up to take part in a Freeroll tournament – if you’re one of the top 10 in that tournament then you will be invited to play in a Satellite tournament, for a place at the WPT qualifier tournament scheduled to be held on October 6th.

Maybe you don’t have time to play that many matches – if that’s the case, then you can skip the Freerolls, and pay a 1c entry fee to access the Satellite tournament directly.

You don’t have to go to a casino to enter the tournaments – they’re played using the Pacific Poker client, which you can install on your PC or Mac. So you can fight for a chance to enter the most prestigious tournament of all time, from the comfort of your own home.

Earning a place at the WPT won’t cost you a penny if you go the online casino route – there’s no buy-ins, and the tournaments are free to play. Plus, the prize if you win is worth $12,000 between entry fee and help with accomodation and travel.

Even if you don’t think you’re quite as good as the pro’s yet, you should give this a try – it’s your chance to get some practice in against people who are playing a serious game, and you never know, you could get lucky this time around.

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