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Finding the best sportsbook for US players can be a very daunting task as there are many different sites out there these days. The only real way to choose the best sports betting websites is to go to an authority website such as They have an updated breakdown of the top 10 sportsbooks to […]

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Poker’s First Superstar Dies at 83 Years Old

If you are a big fan of poker, then you would certainly have heard of Amarillo Slim. Born Thomas Austin Preston, he was already in the game when it was just played on kitchen tables and casino backrooms and was still unpopular with the general public. Of course, when it rose to prominence, Slim also […]

Formula 1 Betting

With a new Formula 1 race season upon us, it’s time again to gear up for F1 betting. This exciting sport offers many great betting opportunities and the best place to get your handicapping strategy is from the folks at They have a complete breakdown on the teams in contention this year and points […]

Olympic Betting

With the Olympic games quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to make smart wagers.I found a site that offers all types of guides on Olympic offers a comprehensive website that gives you the betting public, all the ins and outs on Olympic wagering. A nice feature of the site is the […]

Bingo Cams

Playing bingo online is very fun, but I have found a new site that gives it the ultimate upgrade to enhance the game. Bingo Cams is a site that not only allows you to play bingo with an active group of people, but has the ability to offer webcam enabled play to interact with other […]

Poker Terms

While many people consider playing poker a basic card game, there are in fact a lot of nuances about the game some may not know of. One of them is poker slang words that players use throughout the game. Knowing what these words mean within the context of the poker game is very important. Most […]

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