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Basic Tournament Strategy

* Play Less Hands (Common Sense Rule #1)

The less hands you play, the more money you keep. This doesn’t just go for tournaments but for poker in general. Play only the best possible hands you can! Meaning, only play the hands that will give you the best return on your investment. Duh!

* Use Your Mind (Common Sense Rule #2)

Think through every hand. The pro’s get to the final tournaments because they think through every hand and every move the person made. Think HARD! What hand do you think they have? What hand do you think they just made? Why are they betting this much? Are just a few examples of questions you should be asking yourself.

* Switch Up Your Play (Common Sense Rule #3)

Just Bluffed a big hand? Consider showing your bluffed hand to the table, then next time you have a huge hand bet really strong – you might get a few people who still think your bluffing! Alternate your play in a non-predictable manner but try to keep your betting rhythmic and predictable no matter what hand you have!

* Feel Out The Situation and Bluff HARD (C/S Rule #4)

Don’t bluff when you have Two Pair and a flush draw on the flop? No one betting, but you have position? Make a smart-bluff at the pot. Make a bet that you think that is big, but callable. Like you want someone to call you. If no one has anything watch them all fold like cowards.

Don’t be scared if you get a caller, REbluff him on the next card – IF you don’t think it helped him.

If that fails, don’t hesitate to fold

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