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5 card Stud

5 cards stud is a form of stud poker, which means that each player will receive a mix of face-up and face-down cards, and the cards will be dealt in multiple betting rounds. 5 cards stud is usually played as a fixed limit or spread limit game, but no limit and pot limit is also possible. Using a small ante and a bring-in is common, but this practice varies. The 5 cards stud is believed to be the original form of stud poker, but today the 7 cards stud is more frequently played today. 5 cards stud developed during the American Civil War, but is today more popular outside the United States. In South Africa, 5 cards stud is traditionally played using a stripped deck. A special form of 5 cards stud is played in Finland under the name Sökö, Scandinavian stud or Canadian stud.

A 5 cards stud game begins when the dealer gives each player one card face down and one card face up. Just as in many other poker variants, it is common to start dealing to the player sitting left of the dealer. If you have decided to use a bring-in, the player with the lowest ranking face up card must start by paying the bring-in. If you do not use a bring-in, the player with the highest ranking upcard will start the betting round. This player may check.

If you use a bring-in and two players have cards of the same rank, you can use suit rankings to decide which player that should pay the bring in. Remember that there is no standard ranking of suits in poker. A commonly used ranking is diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades, where spades are highest. Others prefer to go alphabetically, with clubs being the lowest and spades being the highest. There are many other ways of ranking suits, so you should ideally decide which one to stick to before you start playing 5 cards stud. If you do not use a bring-in, you should not use suit ranking to determine which player that should start the betting round when two players have equally ranked upcards. Of the equally ranking players, it is the one seated first in clockwise rotation from the dealer will start the betting round in 5 cards stud.

When you have completed the initial betting round in 5 cards stud, one card will be burned and each player will receive one new card from the dealer. This card is dealt face up, starting with the player seated on the dealers left side. The player whose face-up cards form the best poker hand will start the next betting round. Have a straight, flush or full house is of course impossible in this stage of 5 cards stud since this would require five face-up cards. The player that starts this second betting round may check or bet up to the limit.

When the second betting round is finished, the dealer will deal each player a third face-up card and a new betting round will commence. Just like before, the player with the best face-up poker hand will start the betting round. After the third betting round, each player will receive a fourth face-up card. The fourth betting round follows the same 5 cards stud rules as the second and third betting round. If more than one player is left after the fourth betting round, a game of 5 cards stud will proceed to a showdown.

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